• Custom House and Canning Town Neighbourhood Development Centre Canning Town, London E16 1EL

About Us



This church, Divine Connection Chapel, London is an arm of the Victory Life Ministries International. The church is by the grace of God mainly to preach the gospel of Christ Jesus, love and Victory to establish the saints and to convert lost souls back to God Almighty.


The Church being established in London, United Kingdom has the following visions to genuinely pursue;
1. Creating an avenue where the word of God is taught sincerely and diligently to lead men to heaven.
2. A church that is a Holy Ghost centre where the reality of God is felt and His powers demonstrated in signs, wonders, miracles, healing and deliverance.
3. It shall be a Church that imparts the community positively for global manifestations- reaching out to all men in all parts of United Kingdom and Europe in general to turn the hearts of men back unto God.
4. The Church shall be a place where the love of God flows through deep commitment to the Lord, Jesus Christ and each other. And;
5. The church base shall be a place where any believer can obtain Victory in every battle of life whether at home, place, school or just anywhere.


The visions would be accomplished by;
(a) Training to reign – bible study, Sunday school, Believers' class. `{`Colossians2 6-7`}`.
(b) Prayer sessions- Prayer meetings, night vigils, and fasting and prayer programmes.
(c) Units in church; Ushering, Love in action, Visitation, Witnessing, Follow up, Praise & worship, Protocol, Teaching and Victory School, Intercessors, Children department, Media, e.t.c.
(d) Evangelism- reaching out to men by street preaching and tracts distribution